Gin Festival 2017 – Harrogate

Gin Festival 2017 – Harrogate

In December, the Gin Festival visited Harrogate for another year and took place over a weekend at Harrogate Convention Centre. The wonderful Gin Festival team invited me and a guest along to review the event, so I brought my best friend Arron along as I know he likes his gin and he lives in Harrogate.



Upon arrival, I let the lady on the door know I was attending as a blogger, so she took my blog name and gave me a blogger pass and a Gin Festival bag. The bag was filled with goodies, information about the event and deals from some of the gin brands.

The atmosphere at the Harrogate event was a little different to the date I attended last year in York. Perhaps it was because I attended during the day on the Saturday, whereas in York I attended on the Friday night. Harrogate had an extremely relaxed vibe and chilled environment.



At previous events, the Gin Festival ran on a token system. They have now updated this into a wristband system, which can be topped up easily via the website prior to or during the event. I thought this new system was really useful, as when tokens were used they could easily be lost, misplaced or stolen. By wearing a wristband, you can keep it on your person and scan the band at the bar to pay for your gin.


Thank you so much to Gin Festival for giving me the opportunity to come along and experience the Harrogate event for myself. We had such a wonderful afternoon, tasting lots of different types of gin. You can find out more information about the Gin Festival 2018 dates over on the website. I’m really looking forward to when the festival visits York again in February!

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