Review: Veeno York White Wine Tasting

Review: Veeno York White Wine Tasting

Veeno has a quaint and relaxing environment, located on Piccadilly in York. Offering a selection of delicious and affordable wines, Veeno York offers something for everyone on the menu. Veeno also have a variety of do it yourself wine tasting menus, so on this occasion I was actually invited along to try the White Wine Tasting and took my other half, Kiel, along with me for the experience.



Our lovely waitress was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring we were relaxed. As with the previous Wine Tasting I’d attended at Veeno York, a platter of delicious food was brought out to be paired with the white wine. Presented on our table were each of the wines, the the order we would be trying them in.



I love the food platters which are paired with each wine tasting experience at Veeno. They are always presented so beautifully. As we tried each wine, our helpful server would let us know which food is paired with which white wine. My personal favourite was the second wine as it had wonderful fruity notes.



To finish, we had a portion of Tiramisu, served with a sweet dessert wine. The dessert was a great way to finish off such a delightful experience. If you’re looking for something a little different to try, I would highly recommend one of the wine tasting experiences at Veeno. Booking is recommended as Veeno York can be busy at peak times.

The White Wine Tasting experience is available at Veeno York for £23 per person. With a variety of branches which have now opened across the UK, I’m sure you will find one local to you, as they are such a fast growing brand we can expect new openings in a variety of locations in the near future. Visit the Veeno website to find out more about them and their wine tasting experiences.

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