The Cat’s Pyjamas – York

The Cat’s Pyjamas – York

A restaurant which celebrates Indian street food culture, named The Cat’s Pyjamas opened in York back in April. Also on offer is a selection of craft beers for diners to enjoy. Promising to bring age-old authentic Indian recipes within a vibrant, colourful and chaotic environment, The Cat’s Pyjamas chose York as their 3rd site, with new ones opening in Sheffield and Wakefield around November time this year.



I was invited along to review the food at a VIP event, which involved a busy and buzzing atmosphere, packed full of guests who will have headed straight for the venue after a busy day at work. I also spotted some of the team from Minster FM enjoying sampling some of the menu. For the purpose of my review, it was hard to keep up with what each dish was when it was passed over to me.




As we sat down with our drinks, there were musicians playing as guests gradually arrived. Very promptly, our starter of Poppadoms alongside traditional sauces appeared in front of us. After browsing the menu both online and during our visit, there were plenty of dishes which I’d never heard of before! The great thing about The Cat’s Pyjamas is, you will most probably have to try something unusual – which can only be a good thing. The meat was tender and flavoursome. In particular I tried a bit of a chicken dish, with steamed rice. I also tried one of the vegetarian dishes, as I love restaurants which cater for a variety of food preferences.



It was an extremely busy evening, so I’m sad to say the service was lacking slightly in that we kept getting missed out. Servers were walking past us and because it was so loud, they couldn’t hear us when we tried to get their attention. In the end I did get to sample most of the dishes, but I hope if I was a paying customer on a regular evening, the service would be slightly better. I can still appreciate how busy the staff were though, on this particular evening as they were totally rushed off their feet!

Each dish I tried was packed with flavour and I left feeling pretty full. The atmosphere was brilliant, and I have been informed by many friends that the atmosphere is always great. The décor perfectly matched the Indian street food theme, with vibrant blues, reds and golds and pieces of torn Bollywood posters on the walls. Since this event, The Cat’s Pyjamas have launched a new menu, so I’m excited to hopefully pop along and check that out at some point in the near future. Thank you so much to the team at The Cat’s Pyjamas in York for inviting me along.



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